Project Metamorphosis : 次世代のイベントストリーミングプラットフォームを披露。もっと詳しく

小売業界で進行するディスラプト : リアルタイムなデータストリーミングへの移行


Every customer interaction, from an actual purchase to a marketing engagement, is a data event. Data is key both to running a more efficient operation and providing more engaging and personalized marketing. In fact, the future of retail hinges on the ability for brands to harness data not just from direct customer interactions but from numerous social media platforms, applications, and external sources.

Yet, data is also the obstacle holding most retailers back from true transformation. To derive value from customer actions and transactions, brands must be able to capture events in real time and wield that information for specific actions.

In this free ebook, learn about three pivotal retail business uses for event streaming: boosting sales with real-time personalization, creating consistent omnichannel experiences for customers, and increasing operational agility with real-time inventory.