Project Metamorphosis : 次世代のイベントストリーミングプラットフォームを披露。もっと詳しく

銀行業界で進行するディスラプト : 共有されたリアルタイムデータへの移行


Banking customers today demand personalized service and expect real-time insight into their accounts from any device—and not just during “business hours.” Financial institutions trying to meet those expectations have intense competition from each other as well as fintech startups. They’re also at greater risk than ever before when it comes to fraud, cybercrime, and regulatory hurdles.

The old batch-processing data model is a barrier to all kinds of modernization. But with a centralized data architecture that enables event streaming, financial services companies can create all kinds of real-time applications that respond intelligently and automatically to data events right as they happen.

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