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Make Apache Kafka® clusters globally available without complexity

Confluent Platform offers a comprehensive solution for building Kafka clusters that are disaster-resilient, highly available, and easily migratable across multi-cloud environments.


  • マルチリージョンクラスター

    For disaster recovery automation, Multi-Region Clusters allow you to run a single Kafka cluster across multiple data centers, providing your enterprise with the operational simplicity of stretch cluster architecture without the typical tradeoff between throughput and disaster resilience.

  • Replicator

    For data migration use cases, such as aggregating clusters to a centralized location, migrating clusters across regions, or building hybrid cloud environments, Replicator provides reliable, asynchronous replication built on the Kafka Connect framework.

Minimize disaster recovery complexity

Simplify deployment

With Multi-Region Clusters, you can leverage Kafka’s internal replication engine to stretch one Kafka cluster across multiple data centers in different regions, ensuring your data is backed up without needing to deploy a separate Connect-based replication tool like MirrorMaker 2.

Automated client failover

Multi-Region Clusters also enables automated client failover, so your producers and consumers can automatically failover to the recovery site upon failure without your Kafka operators needing to coordinate across your multiple developer teams.

Achieve faster recovery time

Minimize Recovery Time Objectives

Build your mission-critical applications with high uptime SLAs on top of Kafka rather than legacy, batch-oriented systems. With support for automated client failover, Multi-Region Clusters enable Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) to be measured in seconds rather than hours.

Eliminate data loss for high priority topics

Ensure Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) of 0 for topics with your most sensitive data. Multi-Region Clusters allow you to choose between synchronous or asynchronous partition replication on a per topic basis.

Migrate data across multi-cloud environments

Ensure mission-critical reliability

Leverage Replicator for your data migration use cases, such as:
  • Aggregating several clusters together into one
  • Migrating entire clusters to a preferred environment
  • Replicating clusters across different continents

Bridge to Confluent Cloud

Bridge your self-managed clusters to a fully-managed service in Confluent Cloud using Replicator and offload cluster management to the world’s foremost Kafka experts.

Control Center integration

Replicator integrates with Control Center, so you can easily monitor the replication process and identify any potential issues prior to a disaster event.


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