Customer 360°

With the growing number of sensors, devices and ways of interacting with a brand, getting a single view of a customer’s activity is extremely difficult. And yet critical to both growth and competitiveness.

Most business applications have been designed to process of a handful of interactions such as a customer profile update, processing an order, support call tracking, or website clickstream collection. But only by viewing the output of all of these specialized systems can a holistic picture of a customer and their activities be assembled.

Customer 360°

Effective Customer 360° Projects Have:

Confluent Platform offers a streaming platform upon which you can unite all your systems, data sources, and applications into a global, scalable, event-driven architecture.

A Central Nervous System for Customer Data

What  has been missing in the architectural puzzle is a streaming platform. Notably, it’s low-latency performance and ability to consolidate different streams into a single view of customers that is updated continuously in real time. By providing a common standard for organizations to share, process and distribute data, streaming platforms can help to maximize positive customer interaction and engagement.

Placing a streaming platform at the heart of a business enables the discovery of new business opportunities. By both centralizing data across the company, and simultaneously distributing it to every application or system, new insights can reveal unexpected ways to build new revenue sources.

Why a Streaming Platform Helps

Establish a single source of truth: a streaming platform can connect sensors, systems and applications that are generating data every second to create a single combined view of every prospect. This makes it much simpler to leverage the right tool for the task at hand.

Customer 360 Across Industries

By deploying a streaming platform, enterprises increase revenue and create brand loyalty, two aspects that are critical to long-term success in today’s digital world. In addition, organizations have the opportunity to detect areas for growth in the future and create new products, as well as identify threats. Customers enjoy a seamless experience with the business no matter what channel they interact on, which makes them want to keep coming back.

Case Study: Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment

A Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment company counts on Confluent Platform to power their view of the customer.

To achieve a true 360° view of their customer they required a single source of truth that multiple producers of data can integrate with and rely on. Having a variety of data sources from web, tv, and mobile with a growing volume of data and range of development languages made it apparent that putting Confluent Platform at the heart of the infrastructure was the only way to efficiently leverage their organization’s data.

This allows their developers and data engineers to support outside teams with real-time data – powering predictive ad-placements with real-time stream processing data from the Streams API; having their support team pull up-to-date customer info from their data warehouse; and delivering real-time applications to their end users. From this central nervous system of data the media company is able to successfully meet their customer's expectations; cutting down the time to market for key data-driven functionality.

Case Study: Fortune 500 Media & Entertainment

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