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Confluent Cloud とは? Confluent Cloud はどのようなユーザーに適していますか? Confluent Cloud を使用するメリットは? 対応のクラウドプロバイダーは? どのバージョンの Apache Kafka® を使用しますか? Confluent Cloud へのコンポーネントの接続方法は?


Confluent Cloud への登録方法は? Confluent Cloud の使用方法は?


Confluent Cloud プランで利用可能なサポートの種類は? How is support provided for fully-managed vs. self-managed components?

Pricing & Billing

How is pricing calculated for Confluent Cloud? How much do fully-managed Confluent components cost? Does the billing dashboard in Confluent Cloud show usage metrics in real-time? Can I pause or cancel my Confluent Cloud subscription?


Confluent Cloud とは?

サービスとしての Apache Kafka®、Confluent Cloud は、レジリエントでスケーラブルなストリーミングサービスをわずか数分にて導入可能な形で提供します。Kafka の管理は当社で行いますので、ユーザー側でのデプロイ、アップグレードやメンテナンスは不要です。Confluent Cloud では2種類のクラウドプランを提供しています。

  • Confluent Cloud provides an elastically scalable, cloud-native event streaming service. Through a self-service portal you can start streaming in minutes with no cluster sizing, no minimums, no upfront commitments, and you only pay for what you stream.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise provides a data streaming service for all projects including mission-critical production apps. It includes capabilities such as unlimited streaming, service level agreements (SLAs), security and compliance.

Confluent Cloud はどのようなユーザーに適していますか?

Confluent Cloud は、ストリーミングアプリケーション構築を目指して最先端の開発を行う組織、DevOps を必要とする組織、アジャイル/クラウドファーストのデベロッパーや Kafka 開発者に最適なストリーミングデータサービスです。

Confluent Cloud を使用するメリットは?

Confluent Cloud is the easiest way to harness the performance of an event streaming platform, saving you from having to manage your own Kafka brokers. You can stream data from your on-premises Confluent Platform to Confluent Cloud to build a hybrid cloud data pipeline. At the same time, you can stream data between public clouds and make your data available in real time across any cloud.

  • Confluent Cloud offers self-serve access to the rich Kafka ecosystem. Get up and running in minutes and discover hands-on how Confluent Cloud can meet all your streaming needs. Payment is flexible — pay monthly by credit card and cancel anytime.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise is proven to deliver 99.95% uptime, one of the highest in the industry. By leveraging the experience of Kafka’s original creators to maximize uptime and service levels, your Kafka system will run with best practices and always stay up-to-date with the latest Kafka version.


Confluent Cloud is currently available on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform — with more to come. Confluent Cloud is agnostic to its cloud platform, so you can “lift and shift” your Kafka applications from any location, in and out of Confluent Cloud. All of the infrastructure is based on open source components, allowing you to recreate your data pipelines outside of Confluent Cloud and migrate your pipelines at your discretion.

どのバージョンの Apache Kafka® を使用しますか?

Confluent Cloud では、独自サービスでなく、おなじみのオープンソースの Kafka API が利用でき、活気に満ちた Kafka エコシステムへのアクセスが可能となります。Kafka を生んだ開発者が構築した Confluent Cloud では、常に最新バージョンの Kafka がご利用いただけます。

Confluent Cloud へのコンポーネントの接続方法は?

All Confluent Connectors are compatible with Confluent Cloud. For detailed instructions on how to connect Confluent Platform components (like Control Center, Kafka Connect, REST Proxy, KSQL, Schema Registry, etc.), see Connecting Components to Confluent Cloud.


Confluent Cloud への登録方法は?


Confluent Cloud の使用方法は?



Confluent Cloud プランで利用可能なサポートの種類は?

With Confluent Cloud, you’re in expert hands.

  • Confluent Cloud offers a variety of options, including documentation, access to our community forum and a one-day response rate to any questions submitted through our Contact Us form. More details are available on our support page.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise offers Gold support with 24x7x365 access and 1-hour response time for critical problems from the Apache Kafka® experts. Submit a ticket through the Confluent Support portal or get Community Support.


How is support provided for fully-managed vs. self-managed components?

  • Fully-managed Support for fully managed components depends on the release stage as outlined below.
    • Preview: This is the initial release stage is being introduced to gain early feedback from customers and is not recommended for production workloads. Confluent support not available.
    • Production & General Availability: Components at this stage are production ready and include Confluent support.
  • Self-managed components include Confluent support with Confluent Cloud Enterprise (i.e. compatible with Confluent Cloud, and supported by Confluent but deployed, upgraded and maintained by customer).

Pricing & Billing

How is pricing calculated for Confluent Cloud?

  • Confluent Cloud
    Pricing is based purely on consumption. There are no commitments, no upfront cost and you only pay for what you actually use. Usage will be calculated based on three metrics: data in (measured in GB), data out (measured in GB) and data stored (measured in GB-month). Pricing varies by cloud provider and region.
    Consumption is measured via instrumentation within the hosted product, based on sampling at regular intervals. In the event that Confluent is unable to measure metrics, consumption will be calculated as zero for the impacted timeframe.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise
    Pricing is based on write/read throughput, storage and availability requirements (single vs. multi-zone). For pricing information, please request a quote and one of our professionals will provide you with detailed pricing based on your requirements

How much do fully-managed Confluent components cost?

All fully-managed components are free to use during the preview stage but may incur charges when they transition to limited/general availability. Available fully-managed components:

  • Schema-Registry: Offered for free to all Confluent Cloud customers
  • KSQL: Free during preview only
  • Connectors: Free during preview only

Does the billing dashboard in Confluent Cloud show usage metrics in real-time?

Accrued charges and usage summary in the Billing & Payment UI are not shown in real-time. Delays can be expected from the instrumentation that is used to calculate consumption. As such, accrued charges displayed in the UI at the end of the billing period may not be final due to late arriving data.

Can I pause or cancel my Confluent Cloud subscription?

  • Confluent Cloud is a no commitment, pay only for what you consume service. In the event a user chooses to cancel service, Confluent will provide a final billing statement on the standard date after the end of the calendar month.
  • Confluent Cloud Enterprise subscriptions can not be paused or put on hold. However, you can transfer your data from Confluent Cloud before deleting your cluster. For more information, see Connecting Components to Confluent Cloud.


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